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Name is Samantha. I'm 21. Born on July 7th. I like just about any kind of music but my favorite gene of music is Rock. My favorite bands are Five Finger Death Punch, Evancescence, and many more. My favorite animal is a wolf. i also like butterflies. I'm a photographer. I love taking pics of nature, my family, and friends. if u wanna know anything else just ask. follow me on twitter @Toxicbutt3rfli =]

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Johnny Curtis was the best.

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The Ring’s Living Dead

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8 Random Gifs of Fandango<3

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thought i had his whole entrance recorded, then i realized i hadn’t pressed the damn button so this is all i got.

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“Would you go there? Would you date her?”

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Louis: Put them on your face.

Niall: Why do you always do stuff for Louis?

Liam: I love him.

Louis: Me and Liam have this thing.

Liam: Lick my face, lick it. (x)

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I want more than just physical attraction. 😉 #justsaying #love #life #relationship #quote #saying #breasts #legs #thighs #kfc #lol #funny


I want more than just physical attraction. 😉 #justsaying #love #life #relationship #quote #saying #breasts #legs #thighs #kfc #lol #funny

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